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“Take Control of Your Gas Supply”

Why do business with Onsite Gas GENERATION

If you have grown weary of the “big gas companies” and their relentless pursuit of “price attainment”, or, you are in the decision making process of using Industrial Gases, now is the time to “take control of your Industrial Gas Supply” by producing the gases your processes require ‘onsite” with “state of the art” onsite gas generators provided by Onsite Gas Generation.

With the “consolidation” that has occurred in the Industrial Gas Supply Marketplace over the past decade, choices of suppliers is limited to three or four sources, and the Industrial Gas Suppliers know it! As a result, gas prices alone continue to skyrocket while surcharges due to: power, diesel, insurance, along with delivery charges, remain in place and continue to increase.

Also, the long term contracts that the large gas companies claim are necessary to do business achieve nothing but 
“lock you into doing business with one supplier” which opens the door for unreasonable price increases and surcharges as no other gas company will provide a competitive quote knowing you are “locked in” with another supplier.

While Industrial Gas Suppliers, as a last resort to keep your business, will offer onsite gas generation service. The big gas companies will not sell the generator and only provide the generator per a gas supply agreement which, again, locks you into a long term agreement.

Onsite Gas Generation offers the optimum generator for your gas needs as a purchase of equipment, lease / purchase, or lease, which ever format best suits your financial strategy.


The large producers of industrial gases have two major costs: Power & Distribution.


Oxygen, Nitrogen, and Argon are all produced by a process known as “fractional distillation” via capital intensive and expensive Air Separation Units (ASU).
Air Separation is a POWER INTENSIVE process which requires huge compressors (up to 30,000 hp) to compress the ambient atmosphere prior to the ambient air being cleaned and dried, fed to an “expansion turbine”, and then directed to the “distillation column”.


Delivery of the cryogenic products is the next largest expense for the big gas companies as delivery of the product requires expensive tractor trailers( that must meet all Safety, DOT, and Insurance Requirements ), along with preventative maintenance, repair parts, and driver salaries, and, of course, the cost of diesel.

By producing the gases your processes require “onsite” the cost of LIQUIFACTION & TRANSPORTATION are ELIMINATED resulting in far less cost for your gases



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