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Slash your production costs by producing nitrogen and oxygen onsite with onsite gas generators provided by Onsite Gas Generation LLC

Whether you are a producer of state of the art electronic components, steel, chemicals, heat treated parts, fabricated metal products, pulp & paper, medical gases, mining, refining gas & oil, or producing the world's best tasting potato chip, the need for industrial gases ( nitrogen, oxygen ) have become a necessity in the manufacture of your products. As the need for nitrogen and oxygen industrial gases in your manufacturing processes has become as critical as any other utility (electricity, water) you have had to contact one of "The Big Gas Companies" to have your industrial gas needs supplied either via cylinders, bulk liquid nitrogen, or bulk liquid oxygen depending on your gas volume.

Accordingly, as a pre-requisite to being supplied the nitrogen and oxygen gases your processes require, the gas supplier has stipulated that you enter into a sole and exclusive supply contract which “locks you in” with their company for as many as 10 years.  Once committed, the industrial gases supplier is then able to raise your nitrogen and oxygen prices; and, although your agreement allows you to shop the market, no other industrial gases suppliers will provide a competitive quote since you are under contract.

THE RESULT, you are a “CAPTIVE” customer without options,
and you have LOST CONTROL of your industrial gas supply.


State of the art onsite gas generators supplied by Onsite Gas

From nitrogen and oxygen gas requirements of 100 standard cubic feet per hour (SCFH) at purities of 95%, up to gas volumes of 50,000 SCFH at demanding purities as high as 99.999%,  Onsite Gas Generation has the optimum onsite gas generator to meet the gas requirements of your application such as: 

nitrogen for:     oxygen for: 
printed circuit board ( PCB ) assembly   cutting
clean rooms   pulp bleaching
blanketing chemical processes   ore refining
food packaging   aerobic fermentation
heat treating   wastewater treatment
carburizing   veterinarian offices
lasers   ambulatory services
controlled atmospheres ( CA ) rooms   medical needs

To meet the onsite nitrogen and onsite oxygen requirements of the above applications, and others, Onsite Gas Generation, LLC  supplies all modes of onsite gas generation equipment such as  
Pressure Swing Adsorption ( PSA )
Membrane ( nitrogen only )
Liquid Assist ( nitrogen only )
Cryogenic Plant
Vacuum Swing Adsorption ( VSA ) oxygen only

Our experienced engineers will examine your nitrogen and or oxygen industrial
gas needs and select the onsite gas generator that best suits your nitrogen and or oxygen requirements.

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